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2017 GPVWC Formula Challenge Livery Presentation

Here it is, our first car in a GPVWC Career Ladder series. It will be driven by Menno Klont and Chris Shepherd.

For more information about the league, visit http://www.gpvwc.com

  1. paul carter
    paul carter
    Nice video...
  2. Gerdoner
    Thank you :)
  3. paul carter
    paul carter
    I have trouble downloading that particular car... ASR mod? The formula 3 .. always comes up as just lines of codes ? I've paid for it twice now? Gave up in the end.. the guy I emailed said it's my browser that's the issue? It's not the files are just corrupt. Do you know any work around? Or links ?
  4. Gerdoner
    Sorry mate, can't help you with that, as this is GPVWC's Formula Challenge mod, based on the ISI Formula 2.

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