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2014 NASCAR Ford Ecoboost NiS (Fixed) Miami Homestead Full Race

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Mark Hewitt
2014 NASCAR iRacing.com Series (Fixed) race at Miami Homestead. Saturday 10:00 GMT race.
SOF: 2121
Race results: http://members.iracing.com/membersite/member/EventResult.do?&subsessionid=12313188

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  1. Andy Jackson
    Andy Jackson
    Remember to tell new guys that they will have to work their way up through a licence system and spend more money before they can do clean nascar racing. Then it gets good. But boy it takes time.
  2. Mark Hewitt
    Mark Hewitt
    That's what makes iRacing a better multiplayer experience than the rest. ;)
  3. Andy Jackson
    Andy Jackson
    Its not better than Racedepartment club and league racing which is free and does not require umpteen purchases and years of trying to get a better licence. ;)
  4. Mark Hewitt
    Mark Hewitt
    Years? Blimey! Haha.
  5. Andy Jackson
    Andy Jackson
    Not all of us have the time to earn licences. Some of us work for a living.
  6. Mark Hewitt
    Mark Hewitt
    Did you have a bad weekend?

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