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10 months of PCARS: Online overtakes compilation

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It´s been a while since PCARS saw the light, and over this time I´ve been involved in some great fights, both as predator and as victim.

Here´s the best I´ve been involved in! I would have loved to include some other moments, but I´ve not always been able to save the replays due to bugs.

So before I delete all these old clips, I decided to get them all together for a good old compilation. Enjoy!

#10: Dyr_gl on MixJah
#9: Albertino on Dyr_gl
#8: Dyr_gl on DavidCore89
#7: PoshJosh75 on Dyr_gl
#6: Dyr_gl on Wrighty
#5: Nacho-_-Bandito on Dyr_gl
#4: Dyr_gl on Nacho-_-Bandito
#3: Nacho-_-Bandito on Dyr_gl
#2: ElMister on BobLeeSwagger96 and Dyr_gl
#1: Dyr_gl on Lano_Lourenco
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