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01 Danny Hoven Career 2012 Round 1 - GP Australia

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Welcome to the multiseason career of fictional Dutch racing talent Danny Hoven. The backstory of his career can be found here http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/career-novel-a-remarkable-rookie-the-career-of-danny-hoven.111527/ .We kick off the 2012 season in Melbourne, Australia with the rookie making his debut in a Williams-Renault.

Any sounds outside of the game are done by my voice or by my band Thunderation ©

As for race settings I drive 50% races on Pro-level with brake assist to keep the performance in line with a 2012 Williams as much as possible. The F1 2012 game is updated with the great 2012 real race mod by Dmitry Sorokin.
With Danimal5981.
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