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Lotus 98T 900 Bhp Game Stock Car Extreme @ Monaco Monaco 4 Monaco 3 Monaco 2 Monaco 1 ASSETTO CORSA  | LOTUS T125 STANDARD | AT NURBURGRING GP 1:42.801 M6 M6 iRacing Skip Barber Official race at Circuit Park Zandvoort Club #1 iRacing BSRTC Warmup race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road F1XL Season 5 - Race 7. Germany F1 2013 - Brands Hatch Wet Qualy 1:02.983 A sloppy lap around Nurburgring by Snoopy V0.9.4 ASSETTO CORSA  LAST 2 LAPS OF A GREAT RACE 0:080 BETWEEN US FULL HD 1080P