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Ok, maybe not such a good idea after all...................
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The Transfagarasan with a BMW M3 E92 MXGP: The Official Motocross Videogame [KTM 250 SX-F (MX2 - Águeda)] iRacing UK&I Skip Barber League Race Season 3 2014 Round 2 from Silverstone - Good racing guys! Assetto Corsa - Drifting a Tesla Model S + POV Race07 - Some New "BETA" BTCC cars for the SuperTouring mod F1XL Season 5 - Race 15. Spain Desmosedici Project CARS - Some Nordschleife on a Bmw M1 assetto corsa: maxed out except smoke and motion blur Assetto Corsa - Ferrari F14 T on Sepang International Circuit [ Assetto Corsa ] Arcade Mode Test | X360 Controller | 2k Resolution | Max Settings Assetto Corsa: Brands Hatch and a Cobra - Episode 12 iRacing BSRF1 Season 2 Round 2 from Laguna Seca - Good drive after early error [Assetto Corsa] Ferrari F14T Practice 1 @ Monza
Ok, maybe not such a good idea after all...................
  1. Peter Johnson
    Peter Johnson
    Nice! Don't look up! Looks like theres a car falling out of the sky onto you nice bike!!
    Bram and Simon Roberts like this.
  2. jarerawwr
    Ha, yeah. I didn't do anything with the shadow. Put it in game just to see, Could probably work some magic with it, but it drives like ass.. Probably because the front and rear track is set at 0.136m... lol It goes fast in a straight line tho!
    Bram likes this.
  3. Bram
    Video or it didn't happen :)
  4. jarerawwr
    lol I'll try to find the time to fire up fraps and take a quick vid to put on jootoob