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no photoshop:  the graphics are everything at the &quot;full&quot; option.<br />
<br />
AA @ 8x
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Automobilista Beta | Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Rallycross @ Tykki Finland Flying lap around Guaporé Mr18 @ Guapore - Automobilista Beta - Multi Class race test Automobilista Beta - Race Formula 3 @ Montreal Gp Automobilista Beta - Formula V10 @ Interlagos Gp Automobilista Beta - Lance X Rally Cross Automobilista Automobilista Beta Stream! How To Drift - Automobilista Automobilista - no mods?? Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X Rallycross @ Tykki Dirt 1 - Automobilista Beta 60FPS Automobilista Beta Gameplay - Supertruck | Corrida | G27 AUTOMOBILISTA BETA BUILD Supertrucks on Motion Sim AUTOMOBILISTA BETA BUILD Lancer Rallycross on Motion Sim
no photoshop: the graphics are everything at the "full" option.

AA @ 8x