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AC ,F14T #14 Alonso

F1 2014 Season by F1 ASR
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F1 2014 Season by F1 ASR
  1. chargingcar
    Can not wait til these 8192 DHD textures are finished will take some more screens and maybe another video :)
    redscorp99 likes this.
  2. redscorp99
    hey is this a mod for assetto corsa or for what
    chargingcar likes this.
  3. chargingcar
    Yes its for Assetto Corsa , this screenshot is the car in AC , but will be coming out on rFactor 2 hopefully as well , been developed for both games by F1 ASR
  4. redscorp99
    is there some website or so
  5. chargingcar
    I think there will be some sort of article released , as we are currently importing nearly half of the season we have 8 cars finished so not too far to go to be completed ,
    By F1 ASR Team Modding
  6. Jean-Charles Rene
    Jean-Charles Rene
    yeahh good luck
  7. redscorp99
    when is this released and how far are you and where does one download the mod if it is done
  8. chargingcar
    Our GP2 2014 season is 1.6gb and needs some more things adding but the F1 2014 Season we will be doing in 8192 and 4096 textures and will have 11 different teams compared to the GP2 which has 13 teams but the same chassis , so probably will be around 2.5 - 3 gb download , so will be on F1 ASR website I believe as only 300mb on racedepartmemt limit ))
  9. redscorp99
    very true and do you know around about when it is released
  10. chargingcar
    not too sure at least 2 months , but hopefully our first release the gp2 season will go down well in the next 4 weeks or so ))