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Assetto Corsa | Mercedes W05 - Nürburgring | Hotlap + Replay | HD F1XL Season 5 - Race 14. Hungary WIP Ford Escort Drift Silverstone Forza 5 Lexus LFA (chameleon paint) Yas Marina Thrustmaster TX wheel 4368 4366 4367 Lewis Hamilton Lewis Hamilton Blue Flame Blue Flame Assetto Corsa | RD Racing Club | BMW M3 E30 DTM Gentrack1 race iRacing Star Mazda Official race at Spa Francorchamps - from 18th to 6th in top split
  1. needforspeedgamer and mprabuw like this.
  2. mprabuw
    download link please?
  3. jarerawwr
    When it's done. :) I have 3 projects going at the moment.
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  4. mprabuw
    you should make your own youtube channel or blog where you could put your own work, even though it's a conversion, so I and other people could 'stalk' your works. :D.
  5. jarerawwr
  6. mprabuw
    Thanks, a lot. :). I will wait for your next project. your koenigsegg one and veneno are great. But they need to be polished little bit more. Keep up the good work! :)
  7. jarerawwr
    Thanks :) Probably not going to do anything else with those cars. Don't care much for them. lol