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Yamaha YZF R1 Pata Alex Lowes SBK 2017 2017-03-08

Yamaha R1 SBK

  1. Toni39
    How to install:
    IMPORTANT: make a backup of your local files before installation!!
    Copy my .mix file named Chassis_627 in the following directory:
    C:/program files/steam/steamapps/common/Ride2/Bikes/Chassis
    Gfxgem.mix removes the custom number and repack exhaust for silver color


    1. Ride2 2017-03-06 16-25-16-441.jpg
    2. Ride2 2017-03-06 16-24-53-149.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Jan Volenec
    Jan Volenec
    Version: 2017-03-08
    Just downloaded my mod and edited a number... nice
  2. Charkx27
    Version: 2017-03-08
    Huuhh, ****, you just re-upload this from another source, and one thing, that's not the 2017 yamaha factory racing livery you dumb.
    1. Toni39
      Author's Response
      You if you are a fool I know they are not the paintings of 2017 but they look alike.Draw the decorations 2017 and do not be so negative haha
  3. Doctor_Felix
    Version: 2017-03-08
    Super Livery!! Thanks!!!!!