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WSR 3.5 ISR Racing 2012 Skin Sam Bird 2015-08-21

Sam Bird, WSR, Skin

  1. bastoner97
    Ok, here it is, ISR Racing 2012 skin, with Sam Bird as driver :D
    I tried to be more accurate as possible, in the preview you can see that the grey part on the nosecone is a little bit ugly.. i tried, but i'm really happy with this, when you see it in replays it seems really really good! :D
    Little notice: The car has got a little red in the rims, i don't know why in the preview it doesn't show it, but it's not a big deal :D

    Hope you'll enjoy this skin as i did while making it! :D

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Recent Reviews

  1. Steve Bird
    Steve Bird
    Version: 2015-08-21
    Great skin and I get to have my name and initial on it for free. Bargain!