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WRC 2010 Pack | Playnesti 2017 1.0

VW Polo WRC & Ford Fiesta WRC & Mini Countryman WRC & Hyundai i20 WRC & Subaru Impresa WRC

  1. Colapso
    This is a car pack mod made for Playnesti 2017 - Lan Party.
    This pack contains:
    • Volkswagen Polo WRC 2010
    • Ford Fiesta WRC 2010
    • Mini Countryman WRC 2010
    • Hyundai i20 WRC 2010
    • Subaru Impresa WRC 2001
    WV-WRC-Playnesti17.jpg Ford-WRC-Playnesti17.jpg Subaru-WRC-Playnesti17.JPG Mini-WRC-Playnesti17.jpg Hyundai-WRC-Playnesti17.jpg all.jpg
    The mods contains all the sponsors of Playnesti 2017 and the mod was based on Jan Cerny desing car.


    1. Mini-WRC-Playnesti17.jpg
    2. Hyundai-WRC-Playnesti17.jpg
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