• Goodbye Dan Gurney, and thanks for the memories...
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-WIP- Circuit Mont Tremblant 0.72b

Nearing completion of the Canadian beauty @ St. Jovite

  1. ZIP archive replacing problematic RAR archive

    Changed archive to ZIP because there are folks having issues opening the RAR.
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  2. very minor adjustments

    Adjusted some terrain on the road-sides and underneath several fences. New AI line on the main layout. I can't seem to get all the cars in game to run the track properly (Namerow corner), so if you race AI, you'll need to find one(s) that can. There's also been several shader value changes.

    Smoothed the sections of road that form the transitions from North & South layouts to the main layout. Racing either of these layouts is a bit nicer now.

    Some of the terrain tweaks created minor road...
  3. Some fences in, Time Attack for all layouts

    Got some fences put in that are slightly better looking and lower poly than any of my earlier attempts. Time Attack is now available in all 3 layouts. Added a second camera for the South Loop.


    I'll try to make the other walls and sand-traps for next update.
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  4. AI fix, walls removed, noise added

    Thanks to mms, the AI issue has been fixed and I/You can now race the AI in the awesome short-loop layout. I also re-did the camera set for the short-loop.

    Removed the invisible walls that some disliked. Turned the rumble strip kerbs to "visible", tidied up a couple road transitions, added some noise to the road and probably adjusted some shader values.
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