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Windshield match Wipers [texture] 1.2

Better Glass texture [cleaner glass]

  1. Nameless
    Windows replacement. For more accurate view, according wipers movement.

    Two types of texture - Clean (not completely) and dirty windows.

    Updated for Texture pack importer tool installation

    put in "sharedassets1\Textures" folder
    "black dots border" version not included

    replace windows_pbr.tex.dds in sharedassets1.assets file with Unity Assets Explorer.

    mysummercar_2017_04_17_13_41_44_613.jpg mysummercar_2017_04_17_13_38_53_325.jpg

    Also another version glass with "black dots" border:

    windows_pbr.tex.jpg windows_pbr.tex_dirt.jpg windows_pbr.tex_new-border_clean.jpg