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Williams FW31 Test Phase Livery 2

Williams F1 FW31 Test Phase Livery

  1. playwithwind
    Please be aware that a clean installation is needed if you have the previous version of the livery.


    This is a modification livery derived from Formula Corsa official work.


    Standard Version:
    Place the skin folder into "assettocorsa\content\cars\fc1_2009_williams_fw31\skins".
    S1 Version:
    Place the skin folder into "assettocorsa\content\cars\fc1_2009_williams_fw31_s1\skins"

    Hope you like it : )


Recent Reviews

  1. ronniej
    Version: 2
    Thank you very much for this. Looks great! I prefer it to the original.
    1. playwithwind
      Author's Response
      Thank you : )
  2. chargingcar
    Version: 1
    Nice work :)
    1. playwithwind
      Author's Response
      That's quite a compliment! Thank you!