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Volk TE37 20.03.2017

Replace rally wheel on Volk TE37

  1. Roman266
    With resize rally wheel plugin:
    This mod replace rally wheel.

    Source of rim model: Forza Motorsport 4
    Tire model and textures: Assetto Corsa

    Install using mod installer(only for 20.03.17): Put "VolkTE37_200317.exe" in root game and start install.

    Manually install(for any version): instruction inside.

Recent Reviews

  1. Aleksandrov1993
    Version: 20.03.2017
  2. senCys
    Version: 13.03.2017
    I love this rim replacement!
    And in general... he usses a proper executable modinstaller.
    (for my opinion, it is fast and clean)