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Verizon IndyCar Series 2016 by Vitor Souza Modding V1

Mod IndyCar Series 2016

  1. Willian Rodrigues
    Contains :

    Original VSM 3D parts created exclusively for the mod
    Graphical and physical changes of aerokits config*
    New Steering Wheel*

    Updates "race to race"
    Skins in high definition (HD - 2048X)
    Complete skinpack from St.Peterburg to 100th Indy500, more on next release (130+ skins)

    Complete Driver suits & Helmet pack rFactor 2016-08-21 10-24-23-06.jpg rFactor 2016-08-21 10-24-54-46.jpg rFactor 2016-09-06 15-38-29-03.jpg
    rFactor 2016-08-20 20-21-21-53.jpg rFactor 2016-08-20 20-36-16-93.jpg rFactor 2016-08-21 10-08-35-94.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. TelepathicCow
    Version: V1
    Doesn't contain the actual mod, just a readme file.
    1. Willian Rodrigues
      Author's Response
      Yes. It's only a link for download.