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V10 Sound Mod CRAZYNESS!! 2015-09-27

V10 Mod

  1. ThatRacingGuy

    I really loved the sound of the CTDP f1 mod for Rfactor1 and GSCE
    and now i give you all a CTDP V10 (F1) Sound For Gsce
    Let the Eargasm Commence
    This can be used on any car

    How To Install
    1 UnZip the file
    2 Choose the car on which you want the sound on
    3 add the file in the Car Folder/File
    4 Go to the VEH file from your choosen car and find the Sound line
    Schermafbeelding (61).png
    5 Put The sound file name (CTDPF1) in the sound line
    6 That's it

    (i am not responsible for any hearing loss :) )

    Always make a back up