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US 50 & CA 99 Extensions 1.3

Map US 50 & CA 99 Extensions

  1. r199
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    US 50 & CA 99 Extensions
    - Us 50 extension between Sacramento and Carson city
    - Ca 99 extension between Stockton and Sacremento
    - Works now with C2C and MHAPro

    If you want to run both MHA Pro Map and C2C load the mods in following order: MHAPro-C2C_Patch, US_50_and_CA_99_v1.2, MHAPro Part 1-5, Mantrid's C2C and the other mods.

    If you want to run only on of the mods load in following order: US_50_and_CA_99_v1.2, (map mod of your choice), and the other mods.