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Turán Frigyes Ford Fiesta 2016 1.0

Turán Frigyes - Zsíros Gábor Fiesta livery 2016

  1. pipatomi
    Team: Turán Motorsport
    Car: Ford Fiesta RS WRC
    Driver: Frigyes Turán
    Co-driver: Gábor Zsíros
    Year: 2016

    Replaced with red Ford Fiesta RS WRC
    cars/models/ffr/livery_42 drt 2016-03-22 09-46-20-832.jpg


    1. drt 2016-03-22 09-44-07-04.jpg
    2. drt 2016-03-22 09-46-05-26.jpg
    3. drt 2016-03-22 09-46-30-33.jpg
    4. drt 2016-03-22 09-52-04-85.jpg
    5. drt 2016-03-22 09-52-17-39.jpg
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