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Toyota GT86 - SBB Track Day's Pack 1.1.1

SBB Track Day's

  1. DiRTyDRiVER
    24 CarSkin-download comes with the Autoupdater from schwarzbierbude.de
    or manually Installation :
    - download Skin-Pack
    - open zip file with double click
    - copy the folder “content” to
    - zip-File can be deleted

    Alpinestars Tech 1-Z white glove
    by blackwood91

    Screenshot_ks_toyota_gt86_spielberg_13-10-115-13-30-32.jpg Screenshot_ks_toyota_gt86_spielberg_13-10-115-13-32-16.jpg Screenshot_ks_toyota_gt86_spielberg_13-10-115-13-32-48.jpg Screenshot_ks_toyota_gt86_spielberg_13-10-115-13-32-59.jpg Screenshot_ks_toyota_gt86_spielberg_13-10-115-13-33-24.jpg Screenshot_ks_toyota_gt86_spielberg_13-10-115-13-33-45.jpg Screenshot_ks_toyota_gt86_spielberg_13-10-115-13-34-3.jpg Screenshot_ks_toyota_gt86_spielberg_13-10-115-13-34-25.jpg Screenshot_ks_toyota_gt86_spielberg_13-10-115-13-34-32.jpg Screenshot_ks_toyota_gt86_spielberg_13-10-115-13-34-38.jpg

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Recent Reviews

  1. jerry090460
    Version: 1.1.1
    Wow cool skins pack , cheers and thanks mate!