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TOTAL Upgrade PedroXIII F1 Championship 2000 1.5

Massive Upgrade for 2000 PeroXIII Mod by chianamik

  1. chianamik

    TOTAL Upgrade PedroXIII

    F1 Championship
    season 2000 Mod


    by chianamik

    Database Race Grid fix for 3 laps
    New Graphics Tracks selection

    Fix cars
    Added numbers for all cars
    Mini cars in career
    Upgrading cars
    New Bootup
    New Drivers pics menu and teams badge(with helmets)
    Career Helmets for all teams

    Glory legends helmets for career
    Mistakes & bad luck
    New Wind Tunnel menu
    Added Magny-cours circuits
    New Avatar drivers
    Career Avatar drivers for all Teams
    Fix Ferrari an other garages
    Fix Ferrari colours and lights
    New Effects (sky and rain)
    New Forcefeedback
    No F1 2014 Audio (fix)
    New Real Damage Mod
    Debug mod

    Database 8 turns 100% race
    (use original database for 100% race in career)

    F1_2014 2017-07-10 23-36-31-32_1.jpg F1_2014 2017-07-19 22-36-22-28.jpg F1_2014 2017-07-19 22-36-36-24.jpg F1_2014 2017-07-10 23-58-33-98.jpg F1_2014 2017-07-19 21-50-16-42_1.jpg F1_2014 2017-07-10 22-57-56-89_1.jpg F1_2014 2017-07-10 23-39-30-31_1.jpg F1_2014 2017-07-10 23-06-58-74_1.jpg F1_2014 2017-07-10 23-37-52-64_1.jpg F1_2014 2017-07-10 23-38-24-28_1.jpg

    copy rar file in the PedroXIII 2000 mod

    A special thanks to PedroXIII and the great Alexanderssen for this beautiful original mod
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Recent Reviews

  1. redt
    Version: 1.5
    perfect upgrade for the mod..hope pedro comes back
  2. Mik27
    Version: 1.5
    very good work
  3. Danno
    Version: 1.0
    Great job ty !!