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Thrustmaster Australian Formula Master Skin Pack 1.0

Skin pack for the RaceDepartment's Thrustmaster Australian Formula Master league

  1. Chris
    All 22 official liveries and helmets for the inaugural season of the RaceDepartment Thrustmaster Australian Formula Master, including drivers and team names, and five additional liveries for reserve drivers.

    Massive thanks go to @ML2166 for providing some fantastic templates to worth with.

    Previews: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1kmlz6crw88mo9a/AADKCOAnksoWFEnxaVEgJxMca?dl=0

    1. Delete or move the current skins in the IFM 2009 skins folder to make room for the skin pack.
    2. Open the downloaded .RAR file.
    3. Highlight all the files within the .RAR.
    4. Drag and drop into your Assetto Corsa installation folder ".../assettocorsa / content / cars / ifm_2009 / skins"
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