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SweetFX v1.5 + eFX v1.9.6 + GID Plugin Final (Special)

More vivid and realistic colors for a better gaming experience.

  1. JuanBonX
    SweetFX ON - 1.jpg

    More vivid and realistic colors for a better gaming experience.

    Preset v1.8 By JuanBonX + GID Plugin


    - More vivid colors
    - Clarity
    - Sharpness

    Changelog: Adjustments and improvements in DPX, HDR, LumaSharpen and Vibrance. Better lighting, contrast and color.

    Reshade 3.0.8: Offers better Contrast, Sharpness and Object Focus. The Clarity.fx and LUT.fx effect not available in SweetFX v2.0.

    Adjustments required* in AMS Config.exe

    - Resolution: The Maximum of the Monitor (*)
    - Anti Aliasing: 8x Multisample (*)
    - SweetFX Configuration: OFF (*)
    - Widescreen UI: ON (*)

    Note: Before copying the SweetFX files, we must configure AMS Config.exe. Then we start the game and configure the graphics settings in Ultra + Anisotropic Filtering 16x.

    For the correct operation of SweetFX we must remove the following from the game path:

    - SweetFX (Folder)
    - d3d9.dll
    - d3d9.fx
    - injector.ini
    - shader.fx
    - SweetFX_preset.txt

    At the end of this step, we proceed to copy the new SweetFX files.

    GID: Configure the plugin in the following file: Plugins/GID/gidConf.txt

    Anti Aliasing: Improvements in Performance and Quality of the Game Environment

    Information: goo.gl/YMnf47

    Compatible: Con la mayoría de los juegos - With most games

    SweetFX ON - 2.jpg SweetFX ON - 6.jpg SweetFX ON - 3.jpg SweetFX ON - 4.jpg SweetFX ON - 5.jpg

    Screenshots ON / OFF: goo.gl/NnNk5V
    Download: goo.gl/9x3RFy (Other Games) :thumbsup:
    Download: goo.gl/T3L6GJ (Reshade versions)
    Facebook Page: facebook.com/TruckSimulator.pa

    Credits: JuanBonX (Mod), CeeJay.dk (Autor), Crosire (Reshade)

    Giving thanks costs nothing.

Recent Reviews

  1. François Strat
    François Strat
    Version: Final (Special)
    Excellent work, as for rFactor 2, it takes away the "blurry" feeling !
    Thank you very much ^_^
    Keep the good work up \o/
    1. JuanBonX
      Author's Response
      Thank you. Reshade 3.0.8 + Preset v1.7 offers a little more sharpness and focus (Clarity.fx) for any game. Regards