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Supermoto Helmet Mod 1.1

you need Just One Helmet from now on^^

  1. ReZ
    from the MXGP2-Demo Version.
    the best looking MX-helmet you can have :)
    Replaces the Shoei VFW-X in 17 versions.


    can be used with all other mods, no additional files needed.

    Install :
    - unpack RiderMotard.mix from the *.rar
    - go to your Ride2 subfolder "...\steamapps\common\Ride 2\Characters\Rider\" ...and backup your RiderMotard.mix if you like.
    - drop the modded RiderMotard.mix into that folder now

    old version still downloadable, but only useful for other modders.
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Recent Reviews

  1. kevin345ize
    Version: 1.0
    good job (Y)