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Sunny Sky's Cloud Special and PP Filters 0.8.3

first attempt to create a nice but light graphics mod

  1. Sunny Sky Speed
    Best way to use this mod:

    -Upgrade to Windows 10 (5-15fps gain)
    -Use light fps smoke mod
    -SweetFX is appropriate to use, I prefer Wagnum PI's sweetfx setting.
    -Use AMD optimization program or NVidia to enhance graphics.
    -Use shiny weather with ppfilter "sunny_sky_pp" and use cloudy or dark weather with ppfilter "sunny_sky_pp_storm".
    -This weather and graphics mod is developed for lower end computers, meaning several features have been turned off in the ppfilters created by me: no chromatic aborration, no heat shimmering, no DOF, no feedback, very light vignetting, very specific glare settings, no lens distortion, etc. All in favour of fps rates.
    -useful site from where I get the info on clouds and weather patterns :

    Future updates will include as many types of clouds/weather mods as possible as there are in real life.

    If any remarks, advice or constructive criticism, please use the support forum. If any desire to rate my mod, please do so in the review section.

    Thank you very much, Sunny Sky Speed.


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Recent Reviews

  1. ronniej
    Version: 0.8.1
    Excellent enhancer with an optimization bonus! Laptop gamers rejoice!
    1. Sunny Sky Speed
      Author's Response
      Thx my friend. Appreciated
  2. robnitro
    Version: 0.1
    Hey, I see your AMD settings and I wanted to tell you that 4xEQ is a huge gpu sucker for very little gain. 4x is much lighter for a little bit of difference. Sometimes 8x takes a little bit more than 4xEQ but 8x is very noticeable in quality.
    1. Sunny Sky Speed
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for the great advice and nice 5 star rating. Any further comment or advice is welcome in the support section.