• Goodbye Dan Gurney, and thanks for the memories...
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Sterkfonteindam Fictional Track - Abandoned v1.3

Open Road 37+Km. Mountain Pass

  1. Sterkfonteindam Fictional Track

    I've learned so many new things. Never knew this is so much work! Hats off to developers, including myself. Already clocked 183h in RTB & other for this track alone & it is not even fully finished yet...

    V1.3 is working. The first few corners are still AI crazy, especially faster cars.

    The file pit-lane.ai:
    I cannot get it to work together with the fast-lane.ai. If they load together I get a 'not-responding'... I've tried many options.

    Hope you enjoy the newer version, till then...

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  2. Sterkfonteindam Fictional Track v1.2

    V1.2 Released due to Frustration
    Please pardon the updates(3rd).

    I made an error somewhere and needed to backtrack a lot! Sorry folks, things were looking really great & then, Boom!
    Have to redo almost everything again. Barriers looks low in details, this was fixed but hey... sometimes the chicken doesn't lay an egg.
    As it is you will be able to race. See the video. I've completed a full lap still with 13/20 rivals on the track. Hotlap doesn't load, only quick race & practice it...
  3. Sterkfonteindam Fictional Track v.1.1

    As promised, a better yet not completed track. It drives beautifully at the moment but still needs signs, barriers etc. Added colors, trees, grass & small layout changes.

    Glitch: @ 8:10:160 there is a little piece of ground sticking out from the track on the left side, I will rectify this within the next updated version.

    As far as the track is concerned, I'm done for now. I managed to get the time working and my 1st initial lap-time is 12:17:858 from start to start. (Audi R18)....
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