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Starter Pack (No Rust, Engine, Subframe, Kicker Subs+++) V1.1

Starter pack including Rust Removal, Clean Windows, Engine

  1. GyroscopicDesign

    This pack includes
    -Permanent rust removal FULL CAR
    -Clean Windows
    -Engine Texture
    -Shifter Knob
    -Kicker Subwoofers
    -Fan Belt
    probably more specifics but basically a mod to get your rust bucket to show car
    20170213111741_1.jpg 20170213114539_1.jpg 20170213114632_1.jpg 20170213114658_1.jpg 20170213114725_1.jpg 20170213114738_1.jpg 20170213114814_1.jpg 20170213114902_1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Vadimko008
    Version: V1.1
    Mod is excellent. Can I use your mod`s in my public modpack, I leave a link to you of course.
    1. GyroscopicDesign
      Author's Response
      of course