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SKYFALL F1 2018 Season MOD [BETA] 1.2

All Teams & Drivers for 2018 F1 Season

  1. All 2018 Season Cars, All Team Garages, All 2018 Drivers Helmets & Suits

    MOD 1.2:

    - ALL Teams and Car Liveries are now licensed for use by it´s author
    - All Teams helmets and gloves are now correct to 2018 Season
    - All Drivers Suits are corrected and display in cut scenes animation
    - All Team Garages have been upgraded
    - Grip correction and driver response upgraded [More to come...later]
    - Daniil Kvyat Drives a 2016 Ferrari SF70h
    - Pascal Wehrline Drives a 2017 Mercedes W08EQ+

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  2. Upgraded Main Menu & Audio Files

    MOD v1.1:
    - Corrected a small coding error on the AUDIO folder that prevented any track from loading.
    - Car liveries at CAREER MODE - STANDINGS now show correct mini CARS
    - GP MODE - DRIVERS MENU now displays updated 2018 Driver Pictures
    - @talisman Car Skins not yet included [Must Download Individually]. I have not asked for permission to use.
    - TRACKS are still ALL from F1-2014 [Not Modded]