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SKIN for Peugeot 205 Maxi MOD Gilles Panizzi kit car tribute 1.0

A tribute made from the best 2WD rally driver in the golden era of rallying, Peugeot, 205 Maxi

  1. DPCustoms
    Hi everyone, I'm back :cool:, this time i made this skin from one of the best 2WD Rally driver in the best 2WD era...Gilles Panizzi, based on the Official Peugeot Team livery from Rally Montecarlo 1998.
    Comment for any errors or sugestion. Hope you like it and ENJOY! ;):thumbsup:

    FOR DOWNLOAD THE 205 MAXI MOD GO TO THE LINK IN ADDITIONAL INFORMATION URL Showroom_205_maxi_26-4-2015-12-15-57.jpg Showroom_205_maxi_26-4-2015-1l2-15-57.jpg peugeot-306-maxi-kit-car.jpg 306Maxi_arr.jpg Showroom_205_maxi_26-4-2015-11-33-47.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. il_dottore
    Version: 1.0
    It's a TATUS disguised as 205
    1. DPCustoms
      Author's Response
      ok,i'm only made the livery, not the car mod, see the link that leave the URL description and talk with the modders. still in beta so do not order too
  2. gamer19
    Version: 1.0
    Nice looking car/livery, BUT.... :D
    Sébastien Loeb IS THE BEST 2wd RALLY DRIVER, like ...ever.
    And 4WD though.
    Btw... I really can't find the link, I Google it... go to that... rally... page but the link for mod itself is dead. Sadly.
    Any help ?
    1. DPCustoms
      Author's Response
      Hahaha, thanks bro but i write ONE of the best 2wd drivers, swb loeb is from other galaxy

      And the link has dead but the mod creator has reload the link , go to the last comment págs in the forum
  3. jerry090460
    Version: 1.0
    Great job , cheers and thanks mate ! :)
    1. DPCustoms
      Author's Response
      youre welcome :)