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SimHub, DIY Sim racing Dash 5.3.2 Beta

Get your perfect dash! On screen, seven segment, leds or embedded LCD, let your creativity decide!

  1. 5.3.2 Beta

    Hi !

    What's new in 5.3.2 Beta :
    • Improved web sync, if somehow the display device get's late SimHub will wait to get it back in sync
    • CPU Performance improvements of DashStudio desktop (up to 30% depending of the dash)
    • Introducing the dash web engine directly accessible from simhub, Dashstudio web has proven it is a good, performance wise, alternative to the legacy renderer, so it's now possible to use it directly from simhub
    • Reworked the control bars to be more compact...
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  2. 5.3.1 Beta - Dash studio mobile and Thrustmaster control

    Hi !
    New 5.3.1 Beta release,

    Dash studio mobile is taking it's way,
    • Better compatibility with IOS
    • Dials now works properly in IOS and better on android
    • Switched to web-sockets : low end devices are more responsive
    • Lot of little cosmetic changes in dashstudio mobile
    • Fixes for RF2 plugin using CrewChief plugin v2
    Experimental :
    • Take control of your wheel, new Thrustmaster FFB control plugin for TS-PC / TMX / TX / T500, it will allow to change the gain...
  3. Going mobile

    What's new in 5.3.0 beta ?

    To open dashstudio mobile : open your browser (desktop/ android / ios) and go to http://[computer ip address]:8888 (ie :
    If you don"t know your IP address you can open a browser to the good address by pressing the new "web access" button on the dash studio tab

    • Dash studio is taking the air !
      • Beta version of dash studio accessible on mobile devices, one dash two platforms, desktop, mobile, or both,...
  4. Pre-Holidays Release

    Hi !

    I'm about to leave you for two weeks (holidays :D), but I told me that I could not go without giving the little weekly update !

    This time, it will be a beta, lot of things have been reworked, tuned, or added !

    What's new in 5.2.5 beta 6 ?
    • BeamNg official support
    • New ncalc tester available from properties list
    • Outlined text for dash studio (do not abuse of it :D, text outline is requiring a lot of ressources)
    • Layers and sub layers support in dashstudio (for easier...
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  5. 5.2.4

    What's new in 5.2.4 ?

    I try to give a focus on cross games compatibility, If you feel that a data is present in multiple games and should have a crossgame data entry, feel free to notify me.
    • New cross games data :
      • Air temp
      • Track temp
      • ABS active
      • ABS Level
      • TC Active
      • TC Level
    • Fixed some other data such as IRacing pitlimiter
    • The properties list is now visible without enabling the developper mode
    • Renamed "advanced" to a more comprehensive "Show...
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  6. The never ending story

    What's new in 5.2.3 ?

    - New UDP data reading for PCars (leader board is now fully functional)
    - Lot of data fixes
    - Support for 0.96" oled display an easy to use display which can be customized and supports multipages

    - multi select into dashstudio component list (using ctrl key, still not perfect)
    - Fix for rotated components
    - Lot of data fixes
    - Dashstudio Fonts auto install
    - Basic led simulator for led editing
    - new "changed" function for...
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  7. Sunny weekend release

    What's new in 5.2.1 ?
    • Rewritten lot of stuffs on the dash studio render engine
    • Fixed a bug where on some computer ETS2 or ATS were not detected as running
    • Splitted ATS and ETS2 in two separate entries
    • Filtered some dirty data coming from PCARS api braking the maps records and live delta
    • Fixed a bug preventing the properties list to preview the data
    • Network option is now disabled by default, enable it in settings on both server and client
    • Trackmania (Maniaplanet)...
  8. Hofixes and little bonuses

    Whats new in 5.2.0 ?
    • Fix for RF2 incorrect and glitchy speed data
    • Added all the missing data of the AC api (you should find lot of new interesting data to build your dash)
    • Fix for ControlCenter template where RPM bar was buggy with DIRT4
    • New DashStudio dials options for label rotations.
    • Fixed a bug where the major dials ticks colors were using the minor color
    • Fixed a bug where the Radial Gauge on dials was hidden when opacity was full instead of 0. Some radial gauges...
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  9. The racing weekend is coming

    Hi little update :
    What's new ?
    • Added a dedicated entry for dirt rally and dirt 4
    • Fixed a problem when switching beetween Codemasters games.
    • Improved overlays with only title buttons clickable and click through window
    • Nextion mappings are now using the "local" speed (unit can be changed in settings)
    • Arduino default settings are now using the "local" speed (unit can be changed in settings)
    • fixed the local speed unit which was giving always KMH instead of the selected...
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  10. Hotfix & Map management enhancements

    What's new ?
    • Fixed some stutters and lock caused by network feature
    • New map management.
      • The map is now generated by the first valid lap, if somehow the map is incorrect you have a new action to ask for map regeneration "DiscardCurrentMap" , you can cancel it any time before the end of the lap by triggering it again. For backward compatibility SimHub will still use your previous records until it gets it's first "map record"
    • Maps records on network clients are...
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  11. Hotfix and sun

    Hi !
    Big hotfix following yesterday release,
    • Fix for some dash slowed down by a removed option on "speed" component
    • Huuugeee improvements on the ControlCenter refresh rate.
    • Fixed a bug where joystick inputs where triggered multiple times after game change
    • AC opponent tracking in 64 bits was not working since 1.14, please update using the latest version of crewchief plugin included with SimHub.
    • Fixes on the "netcode"
    • The cursor is now hidden on DashStudio when the...
  12. Burnout day !

    What's new ?
    • Radar widget for Dash Studio :
    • Networking ! Use simhub on multiple computers, you won't know anymore where to look !
    • Arduino sketch setup got simplified You don't have to deal with arduino ide anymore !

    • New speed data "localspeed" where unic can be set from settings, useful for dashstudio builders
    • Tach offset is now in %...
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  13. Revv or die

    What's new ?
    - After Market Tachometer support (See wiki for instructions)
    - Dash studio Leader Board component
    - Updated "Control Center" to display the leaderboard
    - Transparent overlay support (only works on games in windowed mode
    - Perf tuning (as usual)
    - Fix for RF2 plugin reading dirty data

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  14. To infinity and beyond!

    "Little" update with lot of goodies :
    • IRacing :
      • Added some properties to the sample data when not running IRacing
      • "Self learning" feature, since IRacing documentation does not specifies all the available data, SimHub "learns" when it discover a new property, it will allow to cover car specific data or new properties to come with new IRacing updates. When SimHub discover a new property it will be available on next simhub restart and will be perisisted.
      • Iracing map...
  15. Hotfix

    What's new
    • Fixed a crash on DashStudio when updating SimHub from old versions (an obsolete dll was not removed)
    • Fixed missing tyre wear on rf1 and rf2
    • Fixed arduino dash not cleared on exit
    • Added a new cross game data "inpitlane"
  16. ... Bug fixes and bonus ...

    What's new ?
    • Dash studio was not correctly handling background on screen
    • IRacing is now compatible with generated map, opponents, race position : upload_2017-5-8_20-58-32.png
    • Fixed a bug on player/opponents position on AC in practice mode
    • Fixed some other datas
    Do not hesitate to come on discord server if you seek for assistance, ideas, more DashStudio premade templates ...

    The default DashStudio templates does not fit...
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  17. Let's get started !

    "Beta is just an excuse to your ugly bugs"
    An anonymous developper, 2015

    Finally the release stage !
    What's new since last offical release ?
    • All games readers has been rewritten (RF1 and RF2 ingames plugins have been changed to the CrewChief plugins)
    • Lots of perf tunning
    • New nextion option to power off lcd when not in game
    • Dash Studio optimizations
    • Com port ban option (see wiki) to avoid conflicts with other hardware using com ports.
    • Generated...
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  18. Arduino has gone mad ....

    Hi little beta update, seems that my arduino fix was not correctly embedded in the beta 2.
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  19. Beta update

    • Fixed arduino 7 segments dots going mad since last beta optimizations
    • Updated RaceRoom api (thanks @Vojvoda)
    • Added the missing RaceRoom flags to cross games data
    • Added a new little link to the new Discord Server
    • The "Configuration needed" bar now matches the theme
    • Cross game Fuel info info was not given on RF1/2
    • Added a new PitLimiterOn (fed with the same data than IsInPit except for RRRE which is the only one to have the data.
    • Fixed some...
  20. Engine Swap

    Hi !
    It has been a long time since my last "beta version", but the context justifies it,

    Please download it if you wan't to test the future version, I've done as much tests as I could be it could remain some bugs.

    It's a real engine swap, the appearance remains the same, but lot of stuffs has been rewritten/tuned

    So what's new ?
    • Game support :...
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