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Shoei X-Spirit 2 Norick Abe 96-97 Tribute 2016-12-23

Helmet Ride2

  1. davide74
    Decidí rendir homenaje a este gran piloto.

    2 colores

    ¬°Espero que te guste! ;)

Recent Reviews

  1. senbei6
    Version: 2016-12-23
    Si nos ha gustado mucho este casco va junto a la decoracion CBR1000RR de Norick Abe Suzuka 1994//If we liked this helmet goes next to the decoration CBR1000RR of Norick Abe Suzuka 1994
  2. Doctor_Felix
    Version: 2016-12-23
    Fantastic Helmet of a fantastic MotoGp legend!! Thanks!