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Scot A2HD 1.0.1

Truck Scot A2HD

  1. r199
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    It is standalone and can be purchased at any Peterbilt dealership.
    It comes with a decent variety of accessories and two frame variants.
    There will be much more in future updates!

    - Standalone sold in the salon Peterbilt
    - Spelled out in the company (agencies bookings)
    - Prescribe start (Gallery) 2 cabins
    - 2 chassis
    - Own interior
    - There is a decent variety of accessories
    - It will be much more in future updates

    Is this a real truck?
    Yes! The Scot A2HD was a truck produced in Debert, Nova Scotia from 1976 to 1980 by a subsidiary of J. D. Irving Ltd.
    Most went into service in the fleets of other subsidiaries of Irving: Irving Oil, RST, and Midland to name a few. Its predecessor, the A1HD was made using a Ford L series cab.
    The A2HD was made using Scot's own cab from their C1 series tilt-cab with a fiberglass one-piece hood and fender assembly.
    It was available with a truly integrated sleeper which was practically unheard of at the time.

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