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SCART 1.00

SCART League Edition version of CART EXTREME for AMS

  1. Dann Murillo

    Today we give the AMS sim racing community a league edition version of CART EXTREME. This mod is heavily based on Patrick's mod release and has only been updated to create a proper LE version for fair play online league racing.

    Along with all features from the original mod:
    • Custom CART field (36 cars)
    • 4 chassis, (9 of each: Reynard, Lola, Swift, Penske)
    • 7 engines (Honda, Ford, Mercedes, Toyota, Lotus, Mercedes, Chevrolet)
    • 2 tire manufacturers (Firestone & Goodyear)
    • 4 chassis specifications for road, short oval, speedway, and superspeedway (Hanford device)
    • All physics are the same for each car (based on Reynard, Ford, Firestone) and random engine breakdowns have been removed.
    This mod will absolutely work harmoniously with CART Extreme installed as well.

    Original mod credits:
    • Conversion by @Patrick Giranthon
    • Graphics updates by Rob Pilmeijer and SandroX
    • Original 3D & textures by Nick Ovey
    • Original skins by Dave Ellis
    • Original & revised physics by @Renato Simioni
    • Original sounds by Jeff Newman, revised by Dom Lovric
    • Onboard cams by Gamer19
    LE mod credits: Dann Murillo, Justin Lee, Will Boston, Ben Leggett, DJ Boston, Ori Atana.

    Our unlocked SCART server is up 24/7 and we have a full SCART championship starting on December 4th. Visit our website for details. :):)

    431600_screenshots_20160907183441_1.jpg 431600_screenshots_20160907183649_1.jpg 431600_screenshots_20160913102139_1.jpg 431600_screenshots_20160913102314_1.jpg 431600_screenshots_20160913102353_1.jpg 431600_screenshots_20160908155851_1.jpg 431600_screenshots_20160917202242_1.jpg 431600_screenshots_20160927171314_1.jpg 431600_screenshots_20161016143631_1.jpg 431600_screenshots_20161016180715_1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. gamer19
    Version: 1.00
    Thanks for this !

    ANYTHING even remotely related to CART racing is always great to see, at least for me.
    But, boy... that DECEMBER 4th look so far away now !?! :S

    Also, thanks for proper credits, and not forgetting my name and my smaaall part in here ! =)
    1. Dann Murillo
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your contribution!
      We just came off an 8 race oval "Speedweeks" to test the mod prior to release. Our Formula V12 championship starts next Saturday. We always have racing going on in our league. :)