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Satsuma "GT" dashboard [Texture] 2016-12-08

texture for the stock dashboard of the satsuma with a 90's "GT" look

  1. NGineus
    Hi all guys, I was just messing around with stuff and things, when i got into the msc wikia, and i found out that i can modify texture. This is not going to end well, believe me.

    So i started with the dashboard of the satsuma giving it a little bit of 90's GT look, here are some pics.


    (bad pic quality caused by a bad pc)

    I've just add some GT badges and "satsuma" name in the speed, Since in the 90's most of the 1L cars were not avaible with the rpm gauge and you had to buy it, well there is another gt badge on it. Moreover i just applied the "gear indicator" as the renault did on some old cars, just a number in a circle at the desired speed, ofc it's not the full speed, but the most convenient one. Some extra red to make it look good and GT badge in background behind the water pressure on the extra gauge. I changed the rich A/F ratio to blue because i like it this way. But those are 3 different texture, so you can use the one you want.


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  1. Martin Hájek
    Martin Hájek
    Version: 2016-12-08
    Excellent mod!
    1. NGineus