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Ryan Tuerck's FD FRS (BRZ Track ver.) 2015-07-04

Assetto Corsa skin BRZ

  1. EmiHR11
    Hi all!

    My first released skin ever on earth has come here. Took me about two hours but here it is! Ryan Tuerck's FRS from this FD Season for the Subaru BRZ (works for the original mod and the DS Mod too)


    -Copy the folder inside the .zip in "Assetto Corsa\content\cars\*brz mod car folder*\skins"
    -Shred some tires.


    Screenshot_ds_brz_ez30t_tsukuba_4-7-115-0-36-3.jpg Showroom_ds_brz_ez30t_4-6-2015-0-19-17.jpg