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Rustavi International Motorpark (RIM) V1.04

Converted from rFactor 1 and rebuild a little

  1. sti228
    - Only in race mode works start lights (start light - red/green)
    - 21 starting point
    - 21 pit stop
    - Working bots (AI)
    - Moving cameras (fly cam)
    - Working ordinary road cameras

    - Pit stop don't work (it works but car stuck in one place after entering pits). For this reason i disable it in surfaces.ini file.

    13567398_1311526798876377_4287777651997703297_n.jpg 13631452_1311526738876383_1343994843674372967_n.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. AleDaRimini
    Version: V1.04
    Sorry but this is far from a finished 1.x work. It is more like an 0.2beta.