• Goodbye Dan Gurney, and thanks for the memories...
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RSS Vortex "Bad Snake" fictional skin Version 1.3

My scratch made skin for this beast

  1. Vortex "Bad Snake" update

    Just a minor update on the interior plate.
  2. ...

    Finally made it :)
    Now its up to date!
  3. Wrong .zip file corrected.

    Unfortunately I uploaded the old skin, not the updated. Now it should be right. ;)
  4. little more detail

    preview.jpg Showroom_rss_gt_vortex_v10_30-11-2017-14-35-20.jpg Showroom_rss_gt_vortex_v10_30-11-2017-14-35-29.jpg Showroom_rss_gt_vortex_v10_30-11-2017-14-35-46.jpg
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