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Right-hand Drive Satsuma v. 0.9.2

Yes, I actually bothered to move the wheel to the right side.

  1. MartyTheGamer
    Might make a rework in the future, but it's undetermined.

    Whether you want to live the JDM dream (see my Japanese license plate mod), or you're actually one of those weirdos who drive on the left side of the road and have the wheel on the right side of the car, this is the mod for you!


    It offers the full functionality of the brilliant vehicle which is the Satsuma, but the steering wheel is on the right!


    So go and have some fun, and good luck overtaking trucks and the bus.


    Update 4.6.2017
    - Added support for 29.05.2017 version of My Summer Car
    - Added version compatible with the Satsute and other mods which edit the main chassis of the car.

    How to install:
    1. Delete your meshsave (required for changes to car's model)
    2. Place installer in the game's main directory. (Most often Steam/steamapps/common/My Summer Car)
    3. Run installer

    This mod is compatible with the 29.05.2017 release of My Summer Car.
    This mod is NOT compatible with any of the experimental test branches.
    If you are using a mod that edits the chassis of the Satsuma, please use the "Satsute compatible" version of the installer.

    Due to his drunkiness, Mr. Drunkpiss gets confused about the wheel orientation of the Satsuma and sits in the driver's seat. He refuses to scoot over, so you would have to sit on his lap if you want to drive him.

    To-do list for future version:

    - Move or copy side mirror to right side
    - Rotate interior mirror so that it faces the driver

Recent Reviews

  1. SethLGStolove
    Version: v. 0.9.2
    Please update/remake. This mod was fantastic and the best mod I've ever seen. I would love to have this back, so please think about re doing it.
  2. VictorGamer0720
    Version: v. 0.9.2
    can you update the mod pls
  3. Kryptonixhd
    Version: v. 0.9.2
    I got to day very impressive i have only just starting modding this game for my self if you dont mind what did you have to do to accomplish this?
  4. LewetPenny
    Version: v. 0.9.2
    wanted to unistall, but it desided no and, well rip msc
  5. Tim1249
    Version: v. 0.9.1
    can you pls update this mod
    1. MartyTheGamer
      Author's Response
      Working on it right now
  6. Damien Zijlstra YT
    Damien Zijlstra YT
    Version: v. 0.8.5
    OMG IM FRIKIN HYPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. SecondGear
    Version: v. 0.8
    best mod yet