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Ride PC Game Team mates with the best bikes 2016-04-20

ride team mates fastest bikes

  1. Alpha Male
    2.jpg 3.jpg 2.jpg

    WARNING: backup your saved games (just incase)
    Save Game folder is located in user/AppData/Roaming/Milestone
    I modded this file for offline use only :)

    If you want faster team with top level riding skills and fully modded super modern bikes then this file is for you.

    Make backup of your data.mix and then copy this one to your ride folder.

    All team mates have super modern bikes fully modded

    Also comes with 999 rewinds

    Team mates bikes:
    Team mate 0 Aprilia Red (Zachary Robinson)
    Team mate 1 Ducati Red (Luka Schulz)
    Team mate 2 BMW HP4 (William White)
    Team mate 3 Kawasaki 30th Anniversary (Benjamin Scott)
    Team mate 4 Ducati Red (Hitoshi Mori)
    Team mate 5 BMW HP4 (Hugo Dubois)
    Team mate 6 Aprilia Red (Victor Lopez)
    Team mate 7 Ducati Red (Irvin Zonca)