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RGV500R Team PEPSI -89 HD 2014-08-18

Team Pepsi Livery of the RGV500R

  1. KennyBarroz
    So here is my favorite version of the RGV500R, the Pepsi livery just gives the bike a brand new vibe. Hope you all like it!
    098c6696b3b8ba0f9d82c4dfcf1177cf.jpg MotoGP14X64.exe_DX11_20140817_232037.jpg MotoGP14X64.exe_DX11_20140817_232327.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Bram
    Version: 2014-08-18
    You are keeping my 500cc childhood heroes alive! Awesome work :)
  2. joehowley2
    Version: 2014-08-18
    Absolutely stunning! Top job well done keep up the good work! :)
    1. KennyBarroz
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I appriciate the comments! I will think about some new skin soon :)