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Revised Car Physics - Red Bull RB9 1.0

Revised Car physics of the Red Bull RB9

  1. Audren Lavenerable
    Hey there. I made this mod as I felt like the red bull was not fast enough even after the mid season in career mode. So I quite tweaked its .ctf files and added slightly more downforce. The car now is a bit faster and you're able to take off like Vettel usually does ;)

    Although, I've been thinking. Its maybe because I don't know how to drive that I feel it too slow ._. . So its up to you.

    Tell me if you don't like it and I'll try to get it more realistic.

    Enjoy :)

Recent Reviews

  1. GKalaniSP
    Version: 1.0
    1. Audren Lavenerable
      Author's Response
      Thanks ;)