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Reshade and SweetFX: More vivid and Realistic Colors v1.9.2

The custom setting v1.9.2 offers better color, contrast, and more realistic color temperature.

  1. More vivid and Realistic Colors



    v1.9.2: Adjustments and improvements in Curves and DPX. Better color lighting and contrast.



    v1.9.2: Ajustes y...
  2. More vivid and Realistic Colors

    The following information will be updated in all games starting today.

    Reshade 3.0.8 y SweetFX 2.0


    Description: Preset v1.9.1 offers better contrast, color and a more realistic color temperature. No false lighting increases (FakeHDR.fx) for increased performance, compatibility with many Games and Mod Graphics.

    Recommendation: Avoid modifying the default brightness and...