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Renault Megane World Trophy MOD

This MOD is an updated standalone version of the ISI_Renault_Megane_Trophy_2009-v144/145

  1. Juergen

    This MOD is an updated standalone version of the ISI_Renault_Megane_Trophy_2009-v144/145. All credits goes to ISI and many thanks to ISI for the permission! Please keep in mind, this mod is just for fun and have no claim to be 100% like the real cars. In the first place i did it for myself, but than i decided, to share this mod with the rF2 Community. The main reason for this version was to have skinable Rim`s and Grid`s. But then i was looking into some other features...endless. :) During my testings i kept the original ISI_Renault_Megane_Trophy_2009-v144/v145 Mod installed. I didn`t recognised any problems.


    - heat fx issue fixed


    - new engine with 542 BHP & 630 NM (+ Twin-Turbo), engine and weight specs taken from Renault Sport Megane RS01, gear box modified
    - some hdv parameter corrected
    - fixed an issue with a double (max) carbody entry in the gen file
    - fixed an issue with the AWD train (loading error for a gen entry)
    - typo fixed in the upgrade.ini (FFB Strength)
    - higher brake torque
    - brake glow range modified
    - brake duct range expanded
    - TC order changed:
    Setting = TC1 (Allows very plenty of slip before TC engages)
    Setting = TC2 (Allows a plenty amount of slip before TC engages)
    Setting = TC3 (Allows a moderate amount of slip before TC engages)
    Setting = TC4 (Allows only a little slip before TC engages)
    Setting = TC5 (Allows only a very little slip before TC engages), default is TC3
    - BrakeTorqueAI added (HDV)
    - slightly improvement of the gear box (more gradations)
    - reduced damage repair time
    - tire improved
    - gear box as upgrade removed, default gears and final driveline are complete changeable


    - added TC settings usage in the car garage
    - Car # 85, 86, 87 & 99 added
    - fixed driver name issue car # 98
    - some hdv parameter changed according dev`s blog

    - Fuel mixture setting values improved
    - FFB setting as car upgrade option added
    - Car # 97 (Red Bull) and # 98 added
    - Some changes for better AI draft behavior
    - Slightly tire improvements to get them closer to the latest rF2 standard

    - fuel mixture adjustment added (introduced with rF2 build 1098), buttons must be assigned to use this function (increase/decrease mixture) on track.

    - fixed wheel grip level plugin

    - drs lift (again) slightly reduced
    - 3 new skins added and some skins reworked, total available skins are now 37.

    - AI`s slightly improved
    - soft & hard tire improved
    - adjustable grille tape added
    - grille tape adjustment in pits added
    - tire mounting time reduced
    - drs lift slightly reduced
    - diff is now adjustable
    - rpm is now adjustable (6700-7000)
    - brake torque slightly increased
    - fixed wrong position of oil & water lcd digits (oil and water where interchanged, inherited from ISI_Renault_Megane_Trophy_2009-v144/145, but never noticed...lol)
    - slightly changes of draft effects

    Important about grille tape: I did some test laps on Sao Paulo, with 29° track temperature and 45 track temperature. With 29° track temp. and 40% grille taped, i got the optimum oil temp. (95°) after 3-4 laps, was able to keep it stabil around 94°-97°. The same with 45° track temp. and grille not taped, i reached the opt. oil temp. after 2 laps, stabil, too.
    With 29° track temp and 100% grille taped, the vmax reached + 10 km/h, but the engine blowed up after 3 1/2 laps ;-)
    - fixed wrong upgrades.ini and hdv.ini
    v1.08 - v1.098a
    - corrected inertia
    - new rc headlights (by Chris)
    - some improvements for lights (by Chris and me)
    - new rim shader (by Sven)
    - rim template improved (by Sven)
    - reverse gear light (by Chris)
    - some more improvements on the brake lights
    - improvements for medium and soft tires
    - added 3 missing original "alt" skins (94,95 + 96), 34 skins are now available
    Many thanks to Chris (redapg) and Sven (FuNK!)
    v1.04 - v1.07
    - Drive Train: RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) and AWD (All Wheel Drive) Train is selectable. AWD have 15kg extra weight added.
    - Headlights: Standard Headlights and Rally Car Style Headlights are selectable.
    - Tires: For more tactical fun, Medium Slicks are added. Now we have Soft (red), Medium, (orange) Hard (white) and Wet (blue) Tires available. And of course, all other compounds got tweaks, too.
    - Thanks to redapg (Chris) for the new Rally Style Lights.
    - finally fixed the mirror flickering, thanks redapg (Chris) and me :)
    - some tweaks on the motec lcd, information about awd setting (on/off).
    - Breaklights are a little bit more noticeable, especially by night.
    - Car # 15 added.
    to do: more testing for the medium tyre
    The AWD Train may isn`t full done and needs maybe some more testing and tweaks.
    - fixed mirror flickering (thanks redapg!)
    - decreased hard front tire wear and increased hard rear tire wear
    - changed default ride heigth to 70/75 (front/rear)
    - decreased default steering lock to 21.5°
    - improved AI`s tire grip to get them a bit faster
    - shiny helmets replaced
    - chassis flex added
    - improved (v1.0) cpm tire (the Soft are meant now for 3-4 very fast qualify laps, or a fast driven ~ 10+ laps stint. The Hard are good for 20+ laps with decent lap times. But this depends really on your driving style and setup tweaks.)
    - new tire twall textures, marking for soft, hard & wet tire (red, grey, orange)
    - increased downforce drop-off while drs is activated
    - rainlight added
    - Finaldrive2, 5 Settings (upgrade option)
    - package changed to single component package instead of multi component package
    - changed the LOD`s of the Rim`s to fix the so called "Rim-Disappear-Bug"
    - fixed wrong car class in Talent File
    - changed DRS Wing Angle from 50° to 20°
    Finaldriveline as upgrade option added.
    In the car upgrade section are 3 settings available:
    - Finaldrive1, locked gearbox, no changes (default)
    - Finaldrive2, 2 settings for FinalDriveLine, gears are a little bit longer
    - OpenGearBox, Gears and FinalDriveLine are adjustable
    RearFlap DRS values changed, more stabil when DRS is activated/unactivated
    - Heat FX Bug removed
    - added Skin Support for Rims and Grids, materials changed: WCEXTRA1=RIM, WCEXTRA2=Grid (Front)
    - added 24 skins, in total are now 30 skins available.
    - added missing backfire
    - changed fuel to 80L for Endurance Races
    - weight reduced to 951 kg, as a compensation for the more fuel.
    - weight distribution moved (49:51)
    - tires (Hard) for longer races. The wear of the Soft (Dry) Tire is changed, too.
    - tires can now be changed by Axis Front/Rear, e.g. Front Soft and Rear Hard or vice versa.
    - changed default tires for AI to Endurance Tires
    - changed default fuel for AI to 80l
    - changed cockpit sound
    - increased tire sounds wich was a little bit to low
    - added DRS System (visual and physical)
    - changed AI spring
    A few words about the DRS System, just for those, who are not familar with the DRS System. There are 4 stages:

    Available Signs: Square and Character

    - red Square (DRS is not activated and cannot be activated. Maybe you`re not in a DRS Zone or not close enough to the next car.)
    - yellow Square (DRS is detected and you`re in the distanz to get DRS activated, when the DRS Zone is reached.)
    - dark green Square and Lettering DRS (DRS is now available and can be activated)
    - light green Square and Lettering DRS (DRS is activated, take care in Turns :))

    Dont forget to assign a button for the function "rearflap" to activate the DRS System.
    ISI for rFactor2 and the original Renault Megane Car, Chris (redapg) for his extensive help, hexagramme & Scott (TPG) for testing and Lazza for his advises about DRS.
    Tha main body template is the standard ISI template and can be grabbed from the ISI website. Extra templates:
    Have fun and keep Racing!

    Installation: Earlier versions of this mod should be uninstalled first. Copy the rfcmp file into your package folder. Install this Mod with your ModManager or with the Launcher.

Recent Reviews

  1. MPortnoy
    I agree that it feels different than the ISI mod but in a good way. Very fun car to drive. Great job
  2. holihon2012
    tire feels so different to the isi version, and feels so much more like real tire - during the process of skidding, i felt the tire jumps just like realistic rubber materials, which isi version doesnt perform. anyway, best mod to me for rf2, no "one of the".
    1. Juergen
      Author's Response
      Many thanks for your very kindly review!
  3. ronniej
    Thank you very much! Great mod, much appreciated.
    1. Juergen
      Author's Response
      Have fun & thanks for your rating!
  4. leseb64
    great job guys tanks!!

    top mod
    1. Juergen
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review and the kind rating!
  5. Foresight
    Version: 1.4.01
    really impressive mod, thanks for your effort and keeping update it.
    for any users of RF2, this is a must have
    1. Juergen
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your (and Peevee88, Colnem, Phil Davies and again... BlkJello) reply. Have fun!
  6. Peevee88
    Version: 1.4
    Keeps on getting better and better.
    having a blast with the ISI Megane 2013 v1.02 but these are just great because RMWT v1.3 are so much quicker.
    Would be great if you gave the v1.02 the Juergen treatment!
  7. Colnem
    Version: 1.1
    Really good job. Thanks
  8. BlkJello
    Version: 1.1
    Woohoo...another update! Thank you! :)
  9. BlkJello
    Version: 1.098a
    Thank you for the continuing updates to an already excellent mod!! SuperFun :)
    1. Juergen
      Author's Response
      Hi, i`m really sorry, but i mixed up different file version. Therefore AWD isn`t working. Please stay tuned, update is on the way...
  10. Phil Davies
    Phil Davies
    Version: 1.03g
    Love this mod,Absolutely fantastic,Thanks
  11. Peevee88
    Version: 2015-10-15
    Fantastic 'upgrade' to a good original car.The cars in this version are great to drive. Bravo!
    1. Juergen
      Author's Response
      many thanks for your kindly reply, keep racing!
  12. MrDoedel
    Version: 2015-10-15
    Beasty FWD car. A lot of fun to drive.
    1. Juergen
      Author's Response
      Thanks MrDoedel for your Review, keep racing!
  13. BlkJello
    Version: 2015-10-15
    Excellent. Been playen the .93 version for awhile now. Great mod! Thank you :)
    1. Juergen
      Author's Response
      many thanks for your kind reply, have fun!