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Red Bull Porsche Design 4k | Formula Hybrid v1.1

4k Skin - Helmet - Race Suit - Gloves - Steering Wheel - Pit Board all included

  1. New Helmet, Race Suit and Skin PNG

    Hi Guys

    Hope you guys like the new updates, have fun :)

    Update details:

    - New steering wheel (based on the Porsche 919 Hybrid Steering Wheel)
    - New LCD Display
    - 2017 Competitor plaque added to cock-pit interior
    - New darker helmet with Porsche & Adidas logos
    - New drivers race suit
    - New skin png

    Red_Bull_Porsche_Verstappen_Helmet.jpg Red_Bull_Porsche_driver_suit.jpg Red_Bull_Porsche_LCD_Display.jpg

    P.S. If you like my steering design, race suit and...