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Realistic gear ratios and brake force for MotoGP class 0.98

gear ratios brake force motogp

  1. Just teached AI riders how to race at Barcelona track (dry conditions)

    In this update I fixed Barcelona track for AI in dry conditions.

    Try a race, if you can beat AI you can beat me, maybe :sneaky:

    More tracks in next updates...

    P.S. if you find AI skill to high @ Barcelona try Assen, I can win with not so much effort. anyway I'm gonna increase AI skill there to match mine.
  2. Realistic Gear Ratios, Brake Force and Seamless Gearbox Mod

    - Fixed the issue of the bike unable to crash when applying full front brakes at a high lean angle
    - Added seamless gearbox
    - Adjusted the LCS (launch control system) for player and AI bikes.
    - Increased realism feeling.

    - Also reduced a bit the brake force (original 3600 front/1700 rear, mod v0.95 2600 f/800 r, mod v0.97 2500 f/500 r), this caused a new problem with the AI. It seems that they use a fixed braking point and they sometimes run wide at very hard braking zones.

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  3. Fixed only working Honda + Aprilia, now working all MotoGP 2017 bikes

    Fixed mod only working for Factory Honda and Aprilia bikes. Now should be working for every MotoGP 2017 bikes.

    Sorry if you already downloaded the 0.9 version