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Real Challenge Physics MOD FINAL .3

Physics mod

  1. Adjustments

    Dyego JhOu
    Corrected some bugs found in some bikes (all of them in entry categories)
  2. Adjustments

    Dyego JhOu
    Small adjustments on corner exits.
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  3. Adjustments

    Dyego JhOu
    Specific adjustments on instability in low speeds;
  4. Adjustments

    Dyego JhOu
    Just some polishment in files and variables. Repacked as FINAL version. :thumbsup:
  5. Improvements

    Dyego JhOu
    Adjusted the response time to save a lowside crash. Now you can pull the lean limits and have a a bit more time to try to save yourself.
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  6. Adjustments

    Dyego JhOu
    Decreased the braking instability force (it's more permissive to brake in higher lean angles);
    Decreased the tendency of the rear wheel in lift up in strong brakings;
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  7. Improvements

    Dyego JhOu
    - Softed the brake use in high lean angles
    - Adjusted grip in kerbs
    - General physics tunings
    - Adjusted AI to fit better to the new physics
  8. Reworked Physics

    Dyego JhOu
    Physics reworked for a more realistic feeling;
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  9. Improvements

    Dyego JhOu
    Added feeling of more control to the bike;
    The bike tends to balance after a wobble;
  10. Improvements

    Dyego JhOu
    Small improvements on general physics;
    Engine improvements (top speed) of the ZZR1400 (found and fixed by @davrsmania);
  11. Improvements / Bug Fix

    Dyego JhOu
    Fixed bug in stability while leaning (bug detected by @McConvile);
    Improvements in braking instability;
  12. Physics improvements

    Dyego JhOu
    Adjusted general physics behaviors in all bikes.
  13. Bug fixes

    Dyego JhOu
    Corrected the instability behavior on braking of "default" bikes;
    Changes in stability in leaning (bug detected by @McConvile). Version in tests, uploaded for feedback purposes.
  14. Small improvements

    Dyego JhOu
    Overall physics adjustments
  15. AI adjustments

    Dyego JhOu
    Small adjustments on the AI behavior and players physics.
  16. Bug fix

    Dyego JhOu
    Corrected some bugs at middle sportbikes;
  17. Corrections

    Dyego JhOu
    Corrected some weird behaviors in some bikes (the last update was a wrong version);
  18. Corrections

    Dyego JhOu
    Corrected some weird behaviors in some bikes;
  19. Physics fine adjustments

    Dyego JhOu
    Some improvements at overall bikes physics
  20. Improvements

    Dyego JhOu
    - Removed the launch control. Now a good start is in your hands!
    - General physics improvements