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RD HistorX Racing Club GTTC-B1 skinpack repair pack 1.0

Repair pack to avoid the chance of clashes/mismatches on RD HistorX server

  1. Denis Betty
    Due to some errors made with the naming of vehicles and duplication of filenames - specifically in the B1 skinpack - some vehicles have not been showing in game. To remedy this, please follow the steps below.
    1.) Locate and Delete
    <rfactor install folder>\GameData\Vehicles\HISTORIC GT\HISTORICAL FIA GT\GTC-TC-76\PORSCHE914
    2.) Locate and Delete
    <rfactor install folder>\GameData\Vehicles\HISTORICGT\HISTORICAL FIA GT\LM-72\LM72911s
    3.)Re-install the deleted cars via thisdownload, directly into <rfactor install folder> (It has the whole GameData/Vehicles/etc structure in it).

    You are now 100% free of problem add-on skins.

    4.) Download latest versions of B0/B1 skinpacks.
    5.) Install skinpacks as normal.
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