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Rallycross Supercar PSRX VW POLO GTI 2017 Update0607 2017-06-07


Recent Reviews

  1. Ventu15
    Version: 2017-05-30
    I did the original physics of the VRX mod for rfactor (which I guess it's used by this model): this car looks great, maybe you could just make the front and rear track a little wider, this looks good to me.

    Also, it would be nice to have a passenger in the seat for ridealongs and the possibility to remove it to have a race day spec.

    @Robin_NL 4wd sucks with realfeel plugin, disable it with ctrl+2(keypad)
    1. rockinchari97
      Author's Response
      Thanks ... working on
      Rear body wider, blue reflective sticker
      Do you know much about physics engines?
      I need someone to make improvements.
      Mitsubishi Lancer Rally Cross vehicle looks like a smooth suspension.
  2. cebeuno
    Version: 2017-05-10
    Thank you very much, nice mod.
    Do you plan to make another model to complete the grid?
    1. rockinchari97
      Author's Response
      yes, i will try...next plan Ekström EKS RX
  3. Fanapryde
    Version: 2017-05-10
    Not really into rallycross any more (since they started using disguised F1 cars), but I tried the little Polo and I really like throwing it around. Sound is good (though I have no idea how it sounds IRL), FFB feels OK to me, looks are fine, all in all great job !
    Kudos to you. Thanks.
  4. Robin_NL
    Version: 2017-05-10
    Very nice, though I find the FFB interfering a bit to much with waves of power in the wheel in (counter)steering(?) Thanks. Cheers Robin_NL
    1. rockinchari97
      Author's Response
      Sorry .. I've done a lot of testing...Lack of expertise..
      I'm just a fan of Rallycross
      I am not a modding expert but I will try.
      Prepare for the update.