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Radical RRXC GT3 2017 - 24H Hankok PureDrive Motorsports 2017-11-26

PureDrive Motorsports Radical RRXC GT3 2017

  1. Vasilis Katerinakis
    This a bit of an odd car for one to race but this the PureDrive Motorsports GT3 car which will race in the 2018 24h Hankok Dubai race. As of now in the showroom the sunstrip shows as the custom one whereas in the race it shows the default one. If anybody knows how to solve it, feel free to send me a message. DJdZa3nWsAAfVOH.jpg 2017-11-25_23-46-30.png 2017-11-26_00-02-49.jpg
    In order to install the skin you have to go to your rfactor 2 folder is located and then go to user data >player >settings >Radical_RRXC_GT3_2017.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Ace King
    Ace King
    Version: 2017-11-26
    Thanks alot for your skin and i'll add it in the update!

    I now see what you meant after taking a closer look i experience the same . Good luck resolving this.